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In addition to panu and acne, skin problems that are also often experienced by humans are water fleas.

Water flea is a skin disease caused by a fungus that triggers the occurrence of infection. But not only fungi, water fleas can also be caused by sensitive skin that is often exposed to water or moist conditions and dirty water. Water fleas usually appear on the legs or on the sidelines of the toes. If someone is attacked by water fleas, then the skin of the feet will feel itchy or sore, making us always want to scratch it.
Causes of Water Fleas

Because too often carded, the skin of the foot will peel and bleed so that the skin of the foot will look bad. If this condition is ignored, then the skin of the foot affected by water fleas will release pus and unpleasant odor that will make us feel disgusted. The condition of the foot that experienced water fleas will certainly make us so disturbed in the activity. In addition to making the skin of our feet erase pain if exposed to socks or other footwear, a continuous itch will also make us feel uncomfortable.

Water flea is certainly caused by the flea water-borne fungus itself. Fungus fungus is similar to ringworm fungus, but specifically, there are several causes of water fleas that you need to know, including:

1. Less maintain foot hygiene

Sometimes cleaning feet is often taken lightly. But did you know that the fungus is very fast growing kemerah damp and dirty

2. Socks and shoes

If you include people who are lazy with cleanliness, then maybe the water flea factor factor that you have comes from dirty socks that have been infected by the fungus.

3. Dirty water

Most people with water fleas are women especially active mothers in the kitchen. Kitchen activity that is allegedly causing this disease is a dishwasher. Sometimes after washing the dishes, many have neglected the cleanliness of their legs so
Symptoms of Water Flea

Before dealing with water fleas, it's good if we know about the symptoms or signs of water fleas. In general the symptoms of water flea are as follows:

* Toenails become thick and some cases of nail color change.
* Red and itchy skin
* In cases of severe water fleas, the skin will feel sore, pain when exposed to water
* For other severe water lice, there may be ulcers or crusting
* There is exfoliation on the sidelines of the toes

The symptoms above are symptoms in each case is different. If there is one of the above characteristics, you should begin to be vigilant, as the water flea disease may have infected you.
How To Treat Water Fleas Quickly

After we discuss about the symptoms and causes of water fleas, well now we discuss about how to overcome the water fleas. In order for the foot skin free from water fleas, here are some ways to overcome:

# Overcoming water fleas with Anti-Fungal Ointment
Use a special ointment that can be purchased at pharmacies to treat water fleas to keep them from getting worse. During the use of ointment. before using this ointment, it is highly recommended to:

  • washing feet first then
  • wiped feet and between toes
  • apply thoroughly the ointment on the moldy foot area
  • do at night before bed
  • This method proved very effective if done at night. This is because the activity of the night is not often in contact with water.

# Treating water fleas with toothpaste
to make the wounded skin from water flea become dry quickly. Apply toothpaste at night before bed. Do this every night to get the best results

#Obati water lice with saline solution
To treat water fleas, can also use warm water added a little salt. A mixture of salt and warm water will kill germs and fungi that cause water fleas. The trick is, use the water to soak your feet for approximately 30 minutes. Can be done every night before bedtime, or at the time of study so that the legs feel relaxed and not stiff

#Take water fleas with Tea
To reduce the itching in the feet due to water fleas, can also use tea. Tea used is a tea bag mixed with warm water. The water is also used to soak the feet. The tannic acid content in tea will relieve itching on the feet

# Overcoming water fleas with lime
Lime can also treat water lice and cracked heels. First, wash your feet with warm water, then rub your feet using a lemon that is still half-cooked. Do it for a week in a row.
How to Prevent Water Fleas

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". The saying we can use is also to prevent water fleas. To prevent water fleas, here are some tips you need to consider, including:

#Readily replace and wash shoes and socks.
Socks and shoes that have been moist and dirty will lead to fungi that cause water fleas. Ka
Since the water flea's disease can be transmitted quickly, as much as possible avoid swapping footwear with water fleas. Exchanging shoes or socks makes the spread of fungi that cause water fleas so much faster. even if you have to wear socks from other people, as much as possible to wear anti-fungal powder on your feet or special ointment before wearing socks

# Use sandals while on the move in the kitchen
If you have to move in a humid place, such as washing dishes or washing clothes, do not forget to use footwear to prevent the sticking of fungi that cause water fleas on your feet

# Wash your legs and brush your toes
Washing feet open just watering then rub it, but should pay attention to every toes and rub it. It is recommended to use soap when rubbing the feet. If your skin includes a very sensitive skin and susceptible to water fleas, preferably after washing the feet, dry immediately feet along between his fingers to avoid the growth of mold because moist

All of the above has been proven efficacy and its benefits. However, if there is a severe case and the above treatment has begun not effective anymore, then immediately to a specialist dermatologist for more intensive care.

So this article is about how to overcome water fleas. May be useful.

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